‘American Idol’ notes: Colton and Schyler Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, Casey Abrams

American IdolThere’s quite a bit happening right now in the world of “American Idol,” so it only seems appropriate at this very moment to start things off with the aftermath of something that occurred on the show Wednesday night but was not even shown: three-time auditioner and Colton Dixon’s sister Schyler Dixon getting cut during Hollywood Week.

Colton was clearly unhappy about the move, referring to it as “poor taste” and “rude” in a post on his Twitter account that was later deleted. To an extent, we agree with him, at least in the fact that Schyler was never shown by name during her two appearances this season. Basically, it feels as though the viewers of the show are idiots, and don’t have access to the internet to learn that she didn’t make it. Obviously, they were afraid of the outrage of her getting cut earlier than she was last season.

As for actually sending Schyler home, we know that she has talent, but it is tough to compare her to the other singers without actually singing the performance. Perhaps the show was wary of her having a huge advantage at the early stages of the voting rounds thanks to name recognition, but even with that she would have still needed to pick up fans to go far in the competition.

But hats off to Colton for standing up to his sister, even if it meant temporarily cutting up the show that helped launch his career.

On a different note … Both Colton and Jessica Sanchez are actually performing right around the time this is being written in Manila, the Philippines. We’re going to have some videos to share of their performance here, so be sure to check back in this space a little later this afternoon (American time).

Casey’s music video – Just in case you were wondering why everyone was acting like Casey Abrams was a crazy man on the run yesterday, there was actually a reason for all of the tweeting and his impromptu performance next to a TMZ bus tour (which seemed to have about three people on it): it was all a stunt to help launch his new “Get Out” music video.

We’ve always loved the song, and the story that’s being told here is pretty cute (and also pretty funny). Plus, we love the vintage Casey move of putting a band in the video featuring him at every instrument.

In case you want to read our full review for Wednesday night’s “American Idol,” you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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