Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 11: Did Baz open Pope’s eyes?

Animal KingdomWe knew entering Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 11 that Scott Speedman was going to be back as Baz. Yet, there were questions as to how he would appear or what his overall role in the story was going to be.

Well, we now have a better sense of it — and it was pretty darn awesome to say the least.

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The role of Baz in the episode was two-fold. First, we learned why Pope went to prison in the past — it was after a bank robbery with Baz and Pope in part sacrificed himself so that Speedman’s character could get away. Meanwhile, in the present Baz returned as a vision for Pope again in prison, this time for the murder of Catherine Belen. For the first time, Andrew seemed convinced that he could fight this! He started to realize more that Smurf was the real cause of all the chaos and that he was manipulated into so much of it. Why should he have to go down for the sins of other people? What does that accomplish when the dust settles? The simple answer is not all that much, and absolutely he is starting to realize that further.

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Now, at the very least he may be okay with his brothers and J working to break him out. Deran seems to have a plan to go with him once they flee the country. All of this could set the stage for some really awesome stuff, but we know that this is the world of Animal Kingdom and there is a 0% chance that things end up working according to plan.

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