P-Valley season 2 finale: Is Mercedes leaving The Pynk?

P-Valley season 2

The P-Valley season 2 finale brought a number of big-time moments to the table, but we don’t want to gloss over what happened with Mercedes. What an arc she had! This is a woman who earlier this season found herself injured and facing all sorts of big questions. Could she still dance? Was she going to be forced out?

We know that there were SO many devastating moments in this weekend’s episode, whether it be Keyshawn’s fate or Diamond getting kidnapped in the closing seconds. We just also don’t want to lose sight on some of the victories. After all, Mercedes had a big one! She not only got a chance to dance one last time, but also had an opportunity to leave on her own terms. It’s not retiring, it’s graduating — that’s at least one fantastic way it was put.

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If Mercedes is done dancing now at The Pynk, what does this mean for her? Well, we hardly think that she’s going to be gone from the show. Brandee Evans is far too fantastic a performer, and there are so many different stories that need to be addressed with her down the road (provided the show comes back). This just allows the writers even more versatility. Season 3 could be a lot about this character further finding herself and figuring out who she wants to be and how she wants to go about it. There’s so much material to be explored here from top to bottom!

We also don’t expect the future of Mercedes to be rushed in the slightest. There is plenty of time for her future to be explored, and we tend to believe that the show will take their time allowing that to happen.

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What did you think about the events of the P-Valley season 2 finale?

Where do you think the story is going to go for Mercedes moving forward? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back around — there are other updates ahead and we do not want you to miss any of them. (Photo: Starz.)

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