Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 11: More on Billy’s return

Animal Kingdom BillyTomorrow night’s Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 11 is going to be a pretty special episode of the series — not to mention nostalgic. Consider everything that is set to transpire here!

First and foremost, we’ve got the news that Scott Speedman is coming back for the first time in years as Baz. Sure, the guy was killed off seasons ago, but there’s always a chance for flashbacks and/or dream sequences here, right? This is an opportunity to give all of us a little more closure.

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Then, there is a chance to see Denis Leary in action here as Billy. He’s turned up here and there since his larger arc, and we understand why Deran is often hesitant to hang out with him. We are not talking about father of the year material here. Billy can be soulless, frustrating, and cold. He’s often out for money WAY more than he is out for family; yet, there could be an occasion coming up where Deran realizes he needs his help.

After all, why else would he be spending a little bit of time with the guy? Deran could be looking for help in getting Pope out of prison — or, at least using Billy as a go-between with someone else. Given everything the guy has put him through over the years, the least that Billy could do is lend a helping hand here; whether or not he does is an entirely different story. Let’s just say that most of our optimism towards Billy as a human being washed up a long time ago.

Just remember that no matter what happens here, there are only two more episodes to go after the fact. It’s not something we want to accept, but we have to understand that it’s true.

What do you think is going to happen with Billy on Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 11?

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