Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: The Five Swatters alliance

Indy Santos Big BrotherAs we get ready for tonight’s Big Brother 24 eviction show and live endurance competition, why not talk alliances? In particular, we’ve got a new one named the Five Swatters that could offer us comedic fodder … but not much otherwise.

The first thing to note here is that this is 100% a FAKE alliance. Maybe the women in it would like to see it work but for the guys, this is 100% trying to cover the Leftovers moving forward.

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As of right now, this group consists of Kyle, Joseph, Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine. The goal is to ensure the the women don’t panic moving into the next Head of Household, and that they feel reasonably safe. In some ways, they could actually be next week. Joseph has contemplated throwing the next HoH, and at the very least Kyle wouldn’t nominate Alyssa. Endurance competitions like the wall typically favor smaller, lighter people, so it’d be hard for either one of these guys to win anyway.

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Even if some people outside of this group win HoH, they could have specific targets in mind. Taylor’s Leftovers cover, aside from her faux-mance with Joseph, is that she’s supposedly targeting Monte when she isn’t. She wants to put up him and Terrance and then send Terrance out the game. Turner and Brittany would probably be receptive to various ideas — and by the way, Turner is a good contender to win this competition. If we had to make an early prediction, this could be down to him, Alyssa, and Taylor in the end. (Michael would’ve probably done well, had he been able to compete.)

We’ve said this before, and we still think the Leftovers won’t all make it to final seven. However, we think Michael’s HoH reign actually brought the alliance closer together, other than maybe Kyle who is getting closer to Alyssa. This is why we’d probably target her if we were in the alliance and had power — don’t give the guy an option to betray you later!

What do you think is going to happen on Big Brother 24 tonight?

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