‘Big Brother Canada’: Introducing the most Canadian ad yet

Big Brother CanadaIt’s now just two weeks away until the debut of “Big Brother Canada” on Slice, and the latest commercial for the show wants you to remember one thing: this is a show that is going to proudly celebrate its Canadian roots. How else do you explain the appearance of a lumberjack, some woman working at a coffee and donut shop, hockey players, and a guy shoveling mountains of snow off of his sidewalk?

We have no problem with the show celebrating Canada at all, largely because of its biggest challenges straight out of the gate is going to be convincing viewers that it is more than just a show try to become the American version of the show all over again. They already have a different host in Arisa Cox, and we’re sure that there will also be a plethora of different challenges.

Ultimately, the real strength of this season is going to be its cast. These are people that have waited over a decade to take part in a show like this, so there had to be some great untapped material out there. We expect some of the archetypes to be the same: the attractive young men and women, the geek, the alternative person with tattoos, the 40-something, and a few others for diversity. We just hope that within this group we see a cross-section of Canada from Vancouver to St. John’s, and also some enormous personalities to boot. The last time we saw a crop of “Big Brother” newbies that was phenomenal in America was season 11, so the show has its work cut out for it.

Does this video make you even more excited for some “Big Brother Canada” craziness? If you want to check out even more promos for the show, you can do so just by checking out the story over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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