Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 9: Mabel’s move

Mabel Only Murders in the BuildingAs we prepare for Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 9 on Hulu next week, it makes sense for Mabel to be proactive! She does, after all, have a lot of information she could put to use.

At the end of episode 8, Selena Gomez’s character was the one to realize that Detective Kreps, the man supposedly working on the case of Bunny’s murder, was actually Glitter Guy. Why would he sabotage any attempt by Mabel, Charles, or Oliver to clear their name? Why try to demean Mabel publicly? There are so many things that, at least for now, we don’t quite have an answer to.

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However, be prepared for Mabel to make some bigger moves in episode 9 as she tries to figure out why Kreps would do these things. Does he know someone in the Arconia? Or, is he being bribed by Cinda Canning or someone else? There are reasons to think about all of this, given that if Kreps is not the killer, he seems to be help covering for them.

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The one thing that we hope is that Mabel does clue in Charles and Oliver on this and doesn’t got it alone. The best thing about the trio is, of course, when they are together. They’ve gone through so much together that it only makes sense that they can handle whatever is thrown at them next.

Given that there are only two episodes left this season, there is one other thing we know: the character better act quickly! Otherwise, she’s not going to have a lot of time and could be in big trouble.

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What do you think Mabel will do entering Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 9?

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