Only Murders in the Building season 2: EP on Det. Kreps reveal

Only Murders in the Building Det KrepsAs we get into the home stretch of Only Murders in the Building season 2, it is clear we have to be prepared for more surprises. After all, we did not expect the identity of Glitter Guy to be none other than Detective Kreps!

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So why would this guy be actively trying to hurt the trio of Oliver, Mabel, and Charles? What is the motive at the end of the day here? There are a lot of questions still to wonder about that, but clearly what we learned from episode 8 is that we should be starting to look back at everything we’ve seen from this character so far.

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Speaking to The Wrap in a new interview all about this week’s huge reveal, executive producer John Hoffman did a good job of breaking down exactly what it is that we saw … and also what it could mean:

…The whole season is about reframing many things — there you have a painting in a frame, and the second episode is called “Framed.” But for all of them personally, the trio is constantly having to reframe their own personal histories, many around fatherhood, and reframing what that means to them and who their fathers were and how that relates to what they’re doing today.

In this case, too, Det. Kreps is in the very opening of our first episode in Season 2, in the second scene we’re shooting, and he comes on strong, comes on hard and gives a strong take on an interrogation. Michael Rapaport is so brilliant, first of all, being square in the center of that, but the hope was that we could reframe what feels like just a comic interrogation from a more than over-the-top typical New York cop. We’ll get there, but this is the big first domino push that’s happening at the end of Episode 8. Like, what’s really going on with Det. Kreps?

One of the easiest things to suspect at the moment is that Kreps is abusing his police power because he is being blackmailed by someone; or, maybe he did kill Bunny for whatever reason. Yet, the show has already introduced the idea that Glitter Guy and the killer are different people, and they may be working together. There are only two episodes left, and that isn’t going to lead to us having a lot of time to figure out answers.

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