‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 3 review: Adrienne Maloof denies threats of ‘suing’ Brandi Glanville

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsOn this week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Lisa Vanderpump decided that it was time to sit down with Kyle Richards and find out why she isn’t standing up for her when fights occur with the other ladies.  Lisa felt that Kyle should have said something when Adrienne Maloof was attacking her at the reunion and again when the ladies were in Las Vegas when Camille Grammer accused Lisa of not owning all of her restaurants (which turned out to not be true).  Lisa asks Kyle to say that she was wrong, but Kyle tells her that she doesn’t want the apology to be forced like this.  They were able to work out some of their differences and it seems that Kyle has a better understanding now of what Lisa wants from their friendship.

Later, Lisa decides to throw a tea party for the ladies at her beautiful home and it will include both Adrienne and Brandi Glanville.  Adrienne and Brandi have been avoiding each other since their big blow out and the divide has separated the women from spending time together as a group, so Lisa is hoping that the tea party will bring everyone back onto some sort of civil ground.

Adrienne decides to bring Faye to Lisa’s party (without asking Lisa first) and now Brandi is worried that Adrienne and Faye together are going to cause problems for her, but Adrienne has no plans on discussing their differences at Lisa’s party. After everyone is seated Lisa makes a toast to everyone, saying that she wants everyone to offer olive branches so that everyone can move forward, but when everyone starts clinking glasses, Brandi doesn’t clink glasses with Adrienne.  Lisa calls Brandi out on it (quietly) and Adrienne reaches her glass out to Brandi’s and the clink glasses.

The girls try to encourage Taylor to do gymnastics, but when she says that if she breaks her neck she’ll just sue since “everyone here likes to sue everyone else”, the party starts to get tense. Lisa takes Brandi and Taylor into the kitchen to tell them to stop with the suing innuendos and play nice.  Back at the table Adrienne claims that she never sued or threatened to sue Brandi, but Taylor tells her that Brandi got a letter from Adrienne’s attorney threatening legal action. Brandi says that she got a letter from her attorney and that she has the letter, but Adrienne is denying everything saying that she is absolutely wrong.  Adrienne accuses Brandi of saying falsehoods on her Twitter account and Brandi says that the things she wrote were true. Adrienne wants an apology and Brandi says that she already sent an email apologizing that included all the other women so that there would be no question from anyone if she apologized or not, but it’s not enough for Adrienne.  Brandi tells Adrienne off and decides to leave the party, ready to print off the lawyer’s letters and show everyone the truth.

Do you think that Adrienne really sent a letter threatening legal action to Brandi? Is it time that Adrienne and Brandi settle their differences?  Are you on Brandi or Adrienne’s side in this fight?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Bravo

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