ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 14 preview: David Rosen vs. the police

ScandalEven though there will be a time jump of ten months between Thursday night’s new “Scandal” season 2 episode and what we saw previously, one thing seems to be very much remaining the same: David Rosen is having a pretty hard time keeping himself out of the trouble.

In the new sneak peek below from the hour, you can see the man greeted at his door by police, who explain that they received complaints about some rather loud noises from a woman coming from his place. The problem? He feigns complete and total ignorance on the subject, and said that he must have had the TV on too loud.

In a situation like this, it’s rather hard to speculate as to just what is going on in the house. We know already that David has went through his share of hard times, but so much time has passed that it’s difficult to see where his life has taken him now. Does someone out there actually want him in prison, and this is all a set-up? The only other feasible explanation we can think of at the moment is that he really is up to something sinister, and is thus hiding it from the police.

Nontheless, the cops aren’t really able to do anything else with this situation given a lack of evidence (and a warrant) necessary in order to enter his place. David merely offers to keep his TV down, and they go about their way. All we hope is that there is something going on here far beyond this scene, and that we find it out sooner rather than later.

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Photo: ABC

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