Severance season 2 premiere date, fan theory talk

SeveranceThe path towards Severance season 2 is going to be a long and winding one — but probably not as complicated as the story itself. We know that more episodes are coming, just as we know that they will likely arrive in 2023. Trying to go beyond that, though, is hard. Creator Dan Erickson and the entire team have absolutely taken their time formulating what is coming up next, and the last thing they want to do is rush things along.

Ultimately, prioritizing the creative is one of the reasons why no one on Severance is even discussing a premiere date at present — though we tend to think spring or summer is the most likely window. One thing that Erickson was willing to talk about with Deadline is whether or not the show is influenced at all by fan theories. There are SO many out there, so what role do they play in influencing the story moving forward? Here is what he had to say:

“They do and they don’t … I’ve definitely spent a good amount of time on Reddit and all these other sites and when people who know who I am, which is not a lot of people, but those who do will come up and suggest things. Or I’ll be at a party or something and someone will come up and be like, ‘Here’s what the goats are!’ which is really fun.

“In many cases, I’m a little humbled by how good the ideas are but we’re at the point now in crafting the second season where we’ve sort of honed in and solidified what we’re gonna do on a lot of this stuff. So, I’ve had to take a little bit of a step back and stop reading these amazing, brilliant theories because they make me second guess what we’ve come up with. It’s so cool and the fans of the show have shaped what the show is. They’re, in a way, the final ingredient of the creative process, which is how they interpret it and how is it understood by people. So that’s been fun to watch.”

This is the thing about Severance — it has a highly intelligent fan base who study the story closely. Because of that, you can’t get their own version of the show’s fiction confused with their own. We’re still excited to see how many theories are correct — or at least close to correct — when the show comes back on the air.

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