P-Valley season 3 renewal: Will it come before finale?

P-Valley season 2

At this point, it may be clear to everyone out there that we would like a P-Valley season 3 renewal; it is largely a matter of when or if we will get it.

Is there a chance a renewal is announced before the season 2 finale airs in a little over a week? Absolutely there is, but we are starting to put the odds somewhere around 50-50. While it is always beneficial to us as viewers to get that renewal in advance, we’re also well-aware of the fact that it is not guaranteed and with some shows, networks prefer to take their time and check a lot of variables before getting that metaphorical green light.

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The biggest thing going for P-Valley right now is the critical acclaim and passionate audience, and we like to think that these are things that executives are 100% aware of at the moment. The renewal question hinges on whether or not there are enough of them, and also whether the profits exceed the budget in a way that makes the network happy. There is one other variable that we would strongly consider if we were working behind the scenes here, and that is growth potential. It absolutely does feel like this show could expand outward to a much larger audience if it gets discovered. This doesn’t have to be one of TV’s hidden gems; it just needs some more marketing and attention beyond just people who have Starz.

If there is a time in which we’ll be worried about P-Valley, it is if a month goes by after the finale and there is still no news. Until then, though, you can continue to continue us cautiously optimistic. We’re trying to put faith in Starz to do the right thing, especially since we haven’t had enough stories set at The Pynk itself this year. The global health crisis had a lot to do with that!

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Do you think we’re going to see a P-Valley season 3 renewal before the season 2 finale airs?

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