‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: Will we see Steve Newlin’s wife again?

Steve NewlinWhen we first saw Steve Newlin make a triumphant return to “True Blood” prior to the start of season 5, there was reason to be thoroughly excited. After all, this was a former religious leader who was coming to terms with now being both a vampire and a gay man at the same time, and his relationship with Russell Edgington spiraled immediately after that. He became the new spokesperson for the Vampire League, and now has a role that is very much a question mark after taking off into the woods in the closing minutes of the season.

Just as much as there are questions about his return, there are also questions on a different subject: what happened to his wife? Sarah Newlin had a more than interesting relationship with one Jason Stackhouse, and Anna Camp certainly seems interested in stopping by for more based on her recent comments to TVLine:

“There’s a lot of unfinished business … She wants to come back and make her presence known.”

Sadly, there are no plans at the moment for Camp to return for season 6, as she has been very busy as of late in between “The Mindy Project” and potentially searching for a new pilot that will show off her talents a little bit more thoroughly than the Mindy Kaling series did. Some of her dramatic credits include an arc on “The Good Wife” along with a role in the critical and commercial success “The Help.”

What did you think about the return of Newlin to the show in a big way last year, and do you want to see what Sarah is up to? Be sure and share some more of your thoughts with a comment below, and you can also read the latest “True Blood” season 6 scoop over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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