‘Justified’ season 4, episode 6 review: Boyd proposes to Ava – will they live happily ever after?

JustifiedOn this week’s episode of “Justified” season 4 Raylan learns that Arlo’s lawyer has decided to delay the deal that he made with the Marshall’s service – his freedom for Drew Thompson.  Raylan is looking for the person who chopped off Josiah’s foot and his first clue leads to Roz, the young girl that found the mystery bag at Arlo’s house.  She denies having anything to do with Josiah’s foot getting cut off but saw the two people who did it… well sort of.  Because he got her high the second he saw her pull up to his house she only remembers pieces of what happened, but the one thing she does remember is that the people that cut off his foot called him “Drew Thompson”.

Boyd is getting frustrated because all of his leads for Drew Thompson are coming up as dead ends, and while talking to Johnny, he suggests to Boyd that Duffy may not uphold his end of the deal after he delivers Thompson, which is interesting because Johnny has been working with Duffy to try and kill Boyd.  Who’s side is Johnny really on? Ava tells Boyd that she’s been having a hard time dealing with Ellen May’s death and that she wants to know where things are going with them.  He gives her a safe box full of money and says that he’s been saving for a house for them.  He tells her to look underneath the money and there’s an engagement ring – Boyd proposes to Ava and she happily accepts.

Shelby wants to be part of the Drew Thompson investigation, but because Raylan knows that he’s in Boyd’s back pocket he refuses to trust him. Shelby goes to Boyd’s place and arrests him for cutting Josiah’s foot off in hopes of proving his loyalty to Raylan.  Boyd reminds Raylan that he was handcuffed to a tree all night, thanks to Raylan and couldn’t have gone after Josiah.  Boyd’s lawyer (also Arlo’s lawyer) comes in and demands that Boyd be set free since there are no official charges against him.  Raylan asks her why she’s stalling the Arlo deal and she denies knowing anything about it. As it turns out it was the lawyer is behind snatching Josiah after Arlo told her that Josiah is Drew Thompson,and she saw an opportunity to get some cash for delivering him to the right people.  Shelby and Raylan figure out the plan and find her with Josiah, who still continues to deny that he’s Drew.  Raylan doesn’t believe that Arlo would give up the name of the real Drew Thompson until the deal was in place, so he knows that Arlo fed his lawyer some wrong information about Josiah.

Colton has gone off the rails with his drug addiction and Ellen May is still no where to be found.  Colton ends up back at her old trailer looking for her and starts ripping up the new girl’s trailer (Terry) looking for a clue and ends up smacking her in the face, telling her that if she tells anyone about him looking for Ellen May he’d be back for her. Johnny sees Terry’s swollen eye and starts asking questions, but she lies to him and tells him that it’s someone else protecting Colton’s secret.

Do you think that Boyd and Ava will live happily ever after?  Will Raylan ever find the real Drew Thompson?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of “Justified” season 4.

Photo: FX

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