‘The Lying Game’ season 2, episode 6 review: Emma learns a secret about Ted

The Lying GameOn tonight’s episode of “The Lying Game” season 2, Emma is doing her best to convince Laurel that she needs to keep her secret about her and Sutton being twins from everyone (including her parents and Sutton), because if she doesn’t her life might be in danger.  Laurel is incredibly hurt that no one trusted her enough to tell her the truth, but decides that she will keep quiet.

Sutton invites Ethan to the flip-side  formal, but after he learns that Thayer and Emma have moved back to town he’s confused about his feelings once again.  Later Emma comes to Ethan about what she’s learned about Rebecca being her birth mother and tells him that not only does she need his help, but that she wants everything to finally be out in the open, but Ethan says he won’t help her.

Sutton tells Rebecca that Thayer and Emma are back in town and that Laurel is still “clueless” about the fact that Emma and Sutton are twins. Rebecca isn’t convinced that Laurel doesn’t know anything and asks Jordan to get Laurel to take him to the dance and find out what she knows.  Jordan does what Rebecca asks of him and Mads is incredibly upset over it, but goes to the formal on her own anyway.

Ethan changes his mind about helping Emma after talking to Laurel and with Thayer’s help the four of them decide to work together.  Ethan decides to take Emma (as Sutton) to the formal, so that Emma will have a chance to talk to Rebecca at the dance. Thayer kidnaps Sutton for the night, driving her around so that she can’t get to the formal, but when Sutton sacks Thayer and takes off with the car leaving Thayer behind, the plan falls to peaces.  Mads finds out that Laurel not only knows about the twins but that she is at the dance with Jordan as part of a plan to get information out of him.  Mads is feeling betrayed by everyone since the plan was kept secret from her.

Kristen learns that Ted has been funneling small amounts of money out of their bank account over the length of their relationship, small enough that he thought she wouldn’t notice, but after meeting with an accountant she learns that it totals over $20,000.  She can’t figure out what he used the money for and starts to think that he’s been having another affair and decides to end the marriage for good.

Derek’s mother comes to the police station to tell them that she found $20,000 that Derek buried in his yard and that it might help them find his killer. They feel that he was being paid for his silence about the twins and when the money ran dry he was taken out.  When Ethan tells Emma about the money, she starts to piece together Ted’s involvement – that Ted was being blackmailed by Derek to keep quiet about knowing that the twins were actually Ted’s biological children and that it was Ted that killed Derek, not Rebecca.

Alec goes over to Kristen’s house while everyone is at the dance to share a bottle of wine with her and she invites him in.  Although nothing happens a moment passes between them before he leaves. At the dance Rebecca asks Ted to dance with her and he says yes, a moment passes between them too.  Seems that this was a night for special moments, because back at the hotel Thayer and Emma sleep together for the first time.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “The Lying Game”?  Do you like Thayer and Emma together or do you want her back with Ethan?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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