‘The Carrie Diaries’ episode 5 review: Who is Carrie Bradshaw’s new man?

The Carrie DiariesOn tonight’s episode of “The Carrie Diaries” Carrie meets, (or we should said re-meets) a cute boy named George while at her internship.  He is smitten and asks her out on a date to a fancy party hosted by his mother, but she decides to say no to the invitation, because she is still interested in Sebastian.

Carrie is facing the ultimate test – her driver’s test.  While taking her road test she sees Sebastian and Donna kissing and blows her road test, failing miserably (she eventually does gets her license).  Sebastian tells Carrie that he’s been seeing Donna for the past week or so and feels bad that she had to find out that way.  Carrie tells him that she’s been seeing someone else too and runs home to call George and accept his invitation to the party.

At the party Carrie feels completely out of her element, but George helps her through the rough spots, until his mother tells her that his ex-girlfriend Blyth is also at the party and still wants to be with him.  As the dinner proceeds Blyth is getting jealous over how much attention George is giving to Carrie, but when he is called away from the table, Blyth takes the opportunity to try and cut Carrie down.  When she over hears George’s mother trying to explain to him that Carrie’s not in the same class as them and that it will cause problems down the road, he tells her that he doesn’t care that it will be harder, he wants to be with Carrie.  Once George’s mother realizes that Carrie is Carrie Bradshaw, she tells her that she was great friends with Carrie’s mom and she changes her mind about her being with George.

Now that Mouse and Seth are back together she’s confused as to why Seth doesn’t want to sleep with her again.  She’s afraid that she’s bad at it and asks Walt for his help, so he brings her back to his place and shows her an video to try and teach her.  Armed with information, Mouse is able to change things up in the bedroom with Seth and he couldn’t be happier.  Turns out that he’s happy because he figures that Mouse’s “new moves” came from her being with another man after they broke up and that he doesn’t have to feel guilty now that he was with two other women.  As the night rolls on Seth starts to get really jealous about the “other man” that Mouse was with and they get into a fight.  He demands to know the name of the man that taught her the new moves and she says Walt, but when Seth comes face to face with Walt and threatens to beat him up, she tells him what really happened and everything is okay.

Do you like George better for Carrie or are you still hoping to see her end up with Sebastian?  Were you surprised to see Sebastian dating Donna?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “The Carrie Diaries”.

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