‘The Bachelor’ review: Tierra LiCausi’s eyebrows fight it out against AshLee Frazier

Tierra“The Bachelor” finally has its final four, and to the surprise of pretty much no one, Tierra LiCausi has left the building. Unlike Ben Flajnik last season, Sean Lowe listened to the advice of those close to him (and the other women) and sent home the one contestant who failed to do something rather simple: get along with the other women.

This was not the only event that happened during the episode, as we’ll have much more on the epic end of her reign a little bit later. In looking back at it, though, we’re surprised at just how mixed our emotions are over the whole ordeal.

Received a rose

Lindsay Yenter – She received the rose at the group date, which was really just a lengthy journey across all of St. Croix. As a date itself, it was pretty boring, and we don’t really see what brought the rose on outside of crazy chemistry.

Catherine Giudici – We really think that she should have been the one to get the rose. After all, hearing that story about her troubled relationship with her father was pretty devastating, and it came across as real and genuine, and not just some sob story designed to get a rose.

Desiree Hartsock – You saw this one coming, right? Like we said early on, she was a lock to make it hometowns based on her story arc this season.

AshLee Frazier – This one was actually up in the air for a while, since AshLee was the person who felt responsible in some ways for the fight with Tierra (which included a number of notes about her eyebrows of all things), and thus worried that her no-holds-barred honesty would get her in trouble. We don’t think she will get the final rose, but she did get this one.


Tierra LiCausi – The elimination of Tierra actually proved to us that she was not just faking her way to get attention from Sean all season long. If she had, she wouldn’t have been sobbing so much heading out of St. Croix. We don’t believe her to be the nicest person on planet earth, but we also don’t think that she was on the show purely to be famous. This was just not a good environment for someone like her to be in, since we’re pretty sure that she is used to getting what she wants 24 hours a day.

Lesley Murphy – We wonder if Lesley is off somewhere kicking herself for not saying that she loved him. She was tentative as she has been for much of the season, and this ended up costing her a chance at hometowns.

Do you think that Sean made the right moves this week, and what do you think about the way that Tierra went out? If you want to see where we had ranked Tierra and the other women prior to the show airing, you can do so over at the link here.

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