Yellowjackets season 2: What does Melanie Lynskey want to see?

Yellowjackets season 1With filming on Yellowjackets season 2 finally kicking off this month, it’s going to be great to have some more scoop coming up soon! We’re hoping for casting announcements and on-set teases, even if we don’t get a premiere date for quite some time.

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For the sake of this article, though, we’re not so much talking about what we’re going to see. Instead, let’s dive more into what Emmy nominee and star Melanie Lynskey hopes to see from the upcoming batch of episodes.

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In a new discussion with the Los Angeles Times, the actress behind Shauna makes it clear that she would love to dive a little further into her character’s family history — after all, that could give her role greater depth and she could study further who she is:

I would love to meet her family, her immediate family. I would like to know, like, who are those people and what’s that? But also, that’s a great thing about working with writers who are as good as these writers are. Last season, I would be like, “Oh, I wonder if this is gonna happen next episode,” and something happened that surprised me every time. Even though they took me through the whole arc of the season, there was always something where I was like, “Oh, wow. OK.” I really think they know the story so deeply that they know the best path to take it on. I trust them so much.

Shauna could have a lot on her plate in season 2, even that some of the ritualistic practices from the wilderness are still happening around her in the present. Also, Lottie is still out there, and she could prove to be a problem.

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What do you most want to see from Melanie Lynskey on Yellowjackets season 2?

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