Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Post-Veto Ceremony hilarity

Daniel Durston Big BrotherThe Veto Ceremony took place in the Big Brother 24 house earlier today, and we just can’t over how ridiculous things have been more or less ever since.

Here’s a quick refresher for those unaware: Kyle & Daniel won the Veto over the weekend and despite Kyle, Monte, and others trying to push for it not to be used, Daniel went ahead and did it anyway. This led to Nicole & Taylor being on the block, and the likely possibility of Daniel being responsible for evicting his own best friend from the game. The comedy writes itself at this point.

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There are so many examples of how bad Daniel’s gameplay has been the past 24 hours, especially since he is so gleeful about it. He felt like he was being fed some reverse psychology by Monte about not being sure there were the votes to save Nicole, and he also thinks that he and Nicole can push their own narrative and convince the house of certain things. Take Nicole trying to sell Michael this afternoon the idea that she and Daniel aren’t really that close anymore after he was responsible for her nomination. Or, Nicole and Terrance having a conversation about the Veto, only for Terrance to go spill some of it to Monte. Terrance hasn’t forgotten that Nicole voted to evict him.

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By the way, we’d say that Terrance had some information on Nicole in terms of her being a former cop, but she spilled that to some of the women today. This is not the second coming of Derrick here.

While Taylor is nervous being on the block again, she’s almost certainly fine as we watch Nicole and Daniel dig their own graves further this week — and they have no one to blame but themselves. Why would Nicole buy into Terrance’s trust … or Kyle’s … or even Jasmine’s, given what Ameerah said to her on the way out. Insanity across the board.

How much more unintentional comedy do you think this week in Big Brother 24 will bring?

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