The Orville season 4 renewal decision: Hulu may take their time

The OrvilleIf you’re hoping to see a quick decision on The Orville season 4 over at Hulu, we should go ahead and warn you: There is a good chance you will end up being disappointed. For the time being, there is no evidence to suggest that the streaming service is going to rush a potential renewal; we’d love nothing more to be wrong and get another ten-episode order later this year. Yet, signs point more towards an extended period of decision-making.

First and foremost, consider the announcement that the first three seasons are coming to Disney+ on August 10. That suggests that Hulu and/or parent company Disney (and studio 20th Television) want to see exactly how much more they can grow the audience. These metrics could be really important to determining if a season 4 is financially viable. If you have some friends in your life who have Disney+ and not Hulu, encourage them to give the show a chance!

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Now, consider all of the other factors that will play a role in negotiations. The Orville is an expensive show, it takes a long time to shoot and put together in post-production, and it also needs to re-sign its cast. Scheduling could also be a huge challenge, as Seth MacFarlane in particular is rather busy with some other projects. We know that he (plus the remainder of the cast) is eager to come back and do more, but making that happen is not easy. Putting together a financial plan for a show like this could take weeks, especially if negotiations are not already in the deep discussion phase.

The biggest reason to have hope for the future right now is simply the overwhelming success of The Orville: New Horizons. We knew that the series was coming onto Hulu in good shape, as season 2 was extremely strong and, from our vantage point, a big improvement over season 1. We still didn’t expect that season 3 would be one of the best shows on all of TV. It has critics and fans alike on its side, and that is rare in a TV world that has become more divisive and segmented. A fourth season could continue the great path we’re on right now, and give the entire creative team an opportunity to branch out and tests the limits of their creativity all over again.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope there’s a chance to make it happen.

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