Better Call Saul season 6 episode 11: Cryptic ‘Breaking Bad’ poster

Better Call SaulIt’s tremendously exciting that Better Call Saul season 6 episode 11 carries with it the title of “Breaking Bad.” It’s also a little confusing. What show are we talking about here?

Well, this episode is designed to be full-circle. Saul Goodman made his debut in the Breaking Bad episode titled “Better Call Saul,” and now Walt and Jesse are most likely making their debut on the Better Call Saul episode titled “Breaking Bad.” All signs point to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul finally turning up as their old characters at some point, and we hope that it’s something more than just a cameo that could prove to be rather inconsequential.

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Below, you can see the newly-released poster for “Breaking Bad” courtesy of AMC, and there are some super-curious things to point out about it. First and foremost, the goldfish that has been fairly symbolic of a lot of things with this show from the start. It represents Jimmy McGill having empathy and care for something other than himself, and it plays a subtle background role in a lot of episodes. The more he becomes Saul, the less he’s seemed to care about it … but the goldfish is still there, a part of the universe.

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Odds are, it will have a particular significant tonight; the test tube is an obvious reference to Walter White being a chemistry teacher. While the official photos for this episode have all been black and white, the poster is in color; that indicates to us that we’re going to be visiting two different eras over the course of this hour.

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