Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10 promo: Pope in prison…

Animal KingdomAs you get yourselves prepared for Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10 on TNT next week, you should expect the worst for Pope. Just think about where he is, and also how dangerous it is for a guy like him to be there!

To say he’s in a near impossible situation now is putting it mildly. The character confessed to the murder of Catherine Belen! Given that he’s actually guilty of the crime and he was getting coerced to do so, this makes sense. However, there are a lot of problems here…

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So where do we start? It’s rather simple: By reminding you that Pope didn’t have a lawyer present for any of his questioning, and you can easily make the argument that he was pressured by Thomson into making this confession. Was he under duress? He was certainly desperate to help Amy in any way that he can.

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Another important thing to remember entering episode 10 is that Deran, J, and Craig are going to do everything that they can to help him, and for a couple of different reasons. For starters, him being in prison makes them more of a target. Also, they are still family and despite all of the terrible conflicts these people have had, they care about each other at the end of the day. This bond is what defines everything when the dust settles. They just have to know that getting Pope out won’t be easy; the promo does make it look like J could be trying some unconventional means, but there is no guarantee it will end well for him at all…

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Where do you think things are going to go entering Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 10?

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