Westworld season 4 episode 6: The many faces of Caleb

Caleb WestworldWestworld season 4 episode 6 proved one thing above everything else over the course of tonight’s new episode: It still has no problem getting weird. As a matter of fact, it embraces it.

For most of the season, we’ve seen Hale do what she can to flex her metaphorical muscles, and the power that she holds over all her creation. She has a whole city largely under her control! Yet, here Parasites are just like the Hosts we saw during the early seasons of the show; eventually, everything falls apart. Caleb was one of the catalysts for it this time, as he managed to break free long enough to show, yet again, there was some humanity left. So long as that exists within her own hosts, Hale will eventually lose. A part of her even knows it, but she is still trying to grasp onto hope as long as she can.

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The big problem Hale faces is the presence of a resistance that is forming with “C,” the adult Frankie, at the helm of it. She’s also got Maeve now at her disposal, and there are pieces still to be connected in regards to Christina. For the first time in a good while, it actually seems like there is a potential upper hand to gain over Hale and her empire. We see in this episode that she is vulnerable, and she may not have the control she once thought. Is there a way to fight back and evolve her own creations? If so, she needs to act quickly; we know that the other side will.

While we can’t help but feel slightly shortchanged over the lack of Evan Rachel Wood throughout “Fidelity,” it’s also to feel pretty darn pleased with what we got. We don’t think it’s some huge spoiler to say that Aaron Paul is tremendous, but he proved that through so many iterations of himself tonight.

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