The Bachelorette episode 4 spoilers: Rachel and Tino’s date!

The BacheloretteWe know this will sound unusual for a season full of drama, but The Bachelorette episode 4 on Monday night will have some romance. In particular, it’s going to have some with Rachel Recchia and Tino, who we are 100% rooting for and for good reason. It’s hard not to!

In the sneak peek below, you can get a little more news as to what we’re talking about as the two have some alone time. She indicates to him that one of the things she’s most interested in doing through this process is making sure she’s compatible with someone in the real world. This isn’t just about finding someone on the basis of attraction or chemistry or a few good conversations. She’s been burned in the past by a guy who wasn’t that excited about her career. Remember that Rachel is a pilot, and that doesn’t always lend itself to the most traditional of lives.

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Luckily, Tino has zero issue with Rachel being so career-focused; instead, it excites him! He appreciates her ambition, and that is probably due to the fact that he’s ambitious himself.

We’ll admit that at this point, it’s hard to fathom anyone other than Tino being the frontrunner for Rachel’s heart. There was a lot of chemistry here from the start and he seems to be a good listener and someone who can be there for her in some hard times. That’s important, given that she’s dealt with some frustrating moments so far this season. Take, for example, the Rose Ceremony rejections — i.e. a reminder of why there were some flaws in this two-Bachelorette format from the start. At least moving forward Gabby and Rachel each have their own group of men, and we hope that there’s not too much more confusion or chaos coming up.

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