Magnum PI season 5: Who should get some more backstory?

Magnum PIOver the past several years, one of the great things about Magnum PI is that the show exists beyond just the present. We’ve of course seen a lot of great cases featuring Magnum, Higgins, Rick, and TC, but also opportunities to dive into their past. We’ve seen old contacts of Higgins turn up, just as we’ve also seen Magnum, Rick, and TC’s time in the military. This stuff is always great in terms of filling in the cracks for each character, and we of course think there’s more room to do so moving into season 5.

So what would we specifically like to see more of in the upcoming season? Think family. So much of the show is about an Ohana built up upon choice — none of these characters are related, but they’ve formed a very different sort of bond. So many of them are far from home and yet, they’ve formed a rather fantastic life for themselves in Hawaii.

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As we look towards the future now, is there a chance to explore blood families a little bit more? It certainly feels like the opportunity is going to be present. One of the fun things that would come with this is the opportunity for guest stars, which would allow NBC to have something else to promote. It’s also the sort of thing that could be especially fun if Magnum and Higgins enter a romantic relationship in some official capacity. Can you imagine him trying to get to know some of her relatives? There’s a lot of fun to be had here!

If there is one thing that could impede this, of course it is the oh-so-simple fact that there are only ten episodes in season 5, followed by ten in season 6. This isn’t going to give the writers a lot of time or space to explore some things. Yet, this far into the show’s run, it could be a chance to get into some new material that informs their past, while also challenging them in the present.

In the end, we’re just so excited for season 5 to be here … even if we’re actually going to be waiting until 2023 to see it.

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