Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 9 photo: Is Pope in jail?

Animal KingdomAnimal Kingdom season 6 episode 9 is set to air on TNT this weekend, and you’ve got plenty reason to be afraid for Pope … and that’s putting it mildly.

Based on where the most-recent episode wrapped up, one of the things that is abundantly clear is that Shawn Hatosy’s character could easily be going to prison for the death of Catherine Belen. He knows more about the threat now, but the question remains what he’s going to do about it.

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The photo above from this weekend’s episode doesn’t exactly project good news, does it? Well, the what we can is that it doesn’t look like he is in some cell at a correctional facility. This may just be a temporary holding cell, and we know that he is going to be interrogated and pushed for a confession. Whether or not he does is the real mystery here.

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If there is one thing Pope has going for him, it’s that his family will almost certainly have his back in some way. There is no denying that the Cody Boys are often as dysfunctional as they come. However, they care about each other and when the chips are down, we like to think that they’ll unify and fight. No one else can understand what they’ve gone through, and there could also be an element of self-preservation here; they’ve all broken the law so many times over the years. If Pope is in trouble, won’t they all be in some form?

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What do you think is going to be coming moving into Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 9?

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