Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 13: First tease for series finale

Animal KingdomAnimal Kingdom season 6 episode 13 is coming later this summer, and we should go ahead and kick things off here with the following: This is the series finale. It’s going to be emotional, action-packed, and potentially tragic at the same time.

The first thing we should submit as evidence of this is rather simple: The title of “Fubar.” For those unfamiliar, this is an acronym meaning “f—-d up beyond all repair.” This gives you a good sense as to where things are going, and the likelihood that one or two Cody Boys won’t make it out of the series alive. There’s some big stuff both in the present and the past, and we’re not sure we’re ready for any of it.

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This week (per SpoilerTV), TNT released the official synopsis in advance of this episode. It may not give too much away, but it also doesn’t need to in order to make us collectively anxious:

The Cody boys embark on their most dangerous job; Andrew commits a sin that destroyed the family.

This at least indicates that we’re going to have one more major job in the series, but what is it? It could be a final score so they can take the money and run; or, they could be desperate to save one of their own. It’s also 100% important to acknowledge that the Andrew part of the synopsis features the word “destroyed” in past tense.

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This makes us think that this is going to be in the flashbacks, but is there anything in that timeline we don’t know about? Are there any other secrets that this character is holding somewhere in his head? It’s clear that he’s been drowning in darkness the entire series, and it has been almost impossible for him to come up for air.

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What do you think will be coming on Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 13?

Do you have any big predictions for the series finale? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! We’ll have more updates soon, so stick around to make sure you don’t miss those. (Photo: TNT.)

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