America’s Got Talent video: Singer Aubrey Burchell shines

Aubrey Burchell AGTWe’re getting close to the end of the America’s Got Talent auditions, but that’s not stopping us from spotlighting who is left! That includes Aubrey Burchell today, someone who has a sensational voice and an endearing backstory.

As Aubrey explains to the judges, she works at Target and spends a lot of her breaks in the bathroom singing. She has big dreams, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out the right way to get that break. This could be it for her. She sings “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd with all of the passion and emotion you’d want from the song. Also, some genuine showmanship! This is actually the thing that impresses us the most, given that there are a lot of great singers who come out on stage and treat the whole experience like they’re on a much smaller-scale talent show. That can make is a little bit harder to get behind them as someone who can be a legitimate superstar. You want to be able to come off this stage and be ready for the industry almost right away. The news cycle can often move a little too quickly otherwise.

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There is no debating that Audrey will move on to at least deliberations for the live shows. This is what’s going to make this season so complicated. There are no real judge cuts anymore. With that in mind, the lineup for the next round is going to be based solely on everything that we’ve seen so far. Some legitimately good acts are going to be cut, but we do think that she will be one of the group that remain. It’s true that there are some incredible singers this year, but she stands out — also, showing her Tuesday and then cutting her immediately would be a little too much.

Be sure to watch Burchell’s audition in full below.

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