The Orville season 3 episode 10 (finale): The aftermath of death

The Orville New HorizonsAs we get ourselves prepared for The Orville season 3 episode 10 next week on Hulu, we are blasting off into the absolute unknown. How in the world is the show going to top what we saw this week? Is that at all possible?

We will most likely spend the next few days trying to emotionally heal from the absolute gut-punch what was episode 9, which delivered on a multitude of different levels. Emotionally, the death of Ensign Charly Burke is one of the most significant moments in the entire series. Beyond just that, there is so much for the Union as a whole to consider. They have formed an alliance with the Kaylon, who have shown a capacity for growth and change. They recognize now that humanity is not out to simply destroy them.

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However, the two parties are now facing a threat courtesy of the Moclan – Krill alliance. They were going to use the weapon to vanquish the entire Kaylon race from the universe, and they are capable of so much more bloodshed. Even if Telaya remains a prisoner, will that even matter when it comes to the larger conflict?

It is possible that the finale (titled “Future Unknown”) will address this conflict further; or, it could be a far more personal story about the crew itself. The beauty of this show is its aversion to moving in predictable directions. You may think the story is going down a specific path, only to be surprised by where you end up in the end. We do believe that there could be at least some closure at the end of the finale, largely because The Orville is not a series that reliant on cliffhangers; it doesn’t need to be. The stories largely speak for themselves.

Alas, at the time of this writing there is no word on a season 4; we want this more desperately than a renewal for almost any show out there.

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Where do you think things are going to go entering The Orville season 3 episode 10?

Is there any way to top what we saw this week? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do that, come back for other insight that you do not want to miss. (Photo: Hulu.)

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