Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Meet The Leftovers (day 19)

Kyle Capener Big BrotherIt feels fair to say that this weekend has been the most transformative one across all of Big Brother 24 so far — as a matter of fact, it’s not even close.

So what was the big moment that took place overnight? Consider it the formation of the Leftovers, an alliance that really does have an opportunity to go really far. The group comprises of Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Michael, Taylor, Brittany, and Turner. This is the group that has all the power right now, given that Turner is Head of Household and Michael & Brittany won the Veto.

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The groundwork for this alliance was formed a little over 24 hours ago, when Turner first decided with some of the guys that Ameerah was the real architect behind Pooch’s downfall. With that, they realized that they are being played and will eventually become targets. They waited until after the Veto play out to solidify things, but what makes this alliance effective is that they’ve all (fittingly) felt left out of things.

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It is also worth noting that Monte has worked to make amends with Taylor over his treatment of her earlier on in the game, and the whole group is treating her like a full-fledged part of this rather than just some shield. They’re still playing along with house perception towards Taylor right now to keep things a secret, and we could be in for incredible live feeds on Monday at the Veto Ceremony. Everyone outside of this group thinks that Nicole & Taylor are going to be the replacement nominees!

In general, the formation of this crew gives us something that we always tend to love as longtime Big Brother fans: Two legitimate sides of the house that can do battle. It’s not something that we always get; in one corner, you’ve got The Leftovers. The other corner, meanwhile, is Old Skool with Ameerah, Daniel, Terrance, Nicole, Jasmine, and Alyssa. (The funniest part of all of this is that the only reason anyone knew Old Skool existed is because Alyssa outed it to her crush Kyle.)

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