ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Stana Katic, Gina Torres chat in sneak peek

CasteEven though it is the “Firefly” reunion between Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres that almost everyone is excited to see on Monday night’s new “Castle” season 5 episode, it is actually Fillion’s co-star Stana Katic that is going to do much of the talking over him when it comes to the actress … at least for the time being.

Before we get to the sneak peeks featuring Torres, let’s first start off with the premise for this case: a woman was found dead presumably while waiting for a bus, and it was later discovered that she was the star of a popular TV program entitled “The Wives of Wall Street” … which, for those unaware, is really just a mock-up of “The Real Housewives of New York City.” The body was actually out in the open long before anyone called 911, mostly because her murder was discreet enough that the bus driver originally just thought that she was asleep while waiting to be picked up.

The next clips show that Torres’ character apparently is going to stand out as an immediate suspect, and will even be arrested while the cameras are rolling for a scene. (Of course, “Castle” makes all reality TV producers out to be bloodthirsty hounds who care about the drama more than the characters.) While there had to be enough substantial evidence out there for Beckett to cuff her, the interview between the two parties leads to a great deal more information coming out … and some of it may be substantial enough to suggest that there is far more to this case than initially meets the eye.

One thing that is missing from these videos? Any actual mentioning of Valentine’s Day. If you want to find out some more about this aspect of the episode, you can do so by taking a look at the story here.

Photo: ABC

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