The Boys season 4 premiere date: The variables at play at Amazon

The Boys, HomelanderWe’re only a couple of weeks removed from season 3 and yet, we’re eager to get The Boys season 4 as soon as possible. Consider us greedy that way. There’s just SO much to look forward to when it comes to the zany Amazon series, whether it be action-packed sequences or biting satire.

Given the enormous popularity of the series, we 100% believe that the streaming service would like to get new episodes to you as soon as humanly possible. However, they recognize that such a thing isn’t easy to pull off. They have to start filming first! That begins next month, and there are so many different variables and things that must be considered as we approach an eventual premiere date here.

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First and foremost, it’s important for The Boys to space things out a little — remember that we’ve got a franchise now! The Gen V spin-off is most likely coming next year, and Amazon will use that to tide people over amidst what is sure to be a long wait. They won’t want to air that too close to either season 3 or season 4, and there could be some other various off-shoots to consider here, as well. We’ll see what happens with The Boys: Diabolical, and there could be some web exclusives that are released similar to the Cameron Coleman videos we got during the last hiatus.

Beyond just Gen V, another variable to consider right now is simply how long it will take season 4 to be ready. Amazon is likely not even considering a premiere date until late 2023 or early 2024, thanks in part to the months of post-production required to get the action sequences up to snuff. They won’t premiere the show until episodes are just about ready across the board. Also, they won’t air it too close to other hits or at a time that is overly competitive. Airing season 3 when they did allowed them to largely control the TV narrative; we imagine that they will look for something similar in season 4.

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