‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Robert Kirkman on big moment, new faces

The Walking Dead season 3It’s been a long and at times tiresome wait, but on Sunday night “The Walking Dead” season 3 will return to AMC with all-new episodes. This is the part of the season that everyone has been really looking forward to: The Governor is now completely unhinged, and we will be witnessing what is effectively chaos in the town of Woodbury as Rick and the rest of his survivors try to find a way to maintain their safety and their sanity in a place that really does not have either.

Just in case you were worried that there was going to be a lack of stunners coming up after the deaths of Lori and T-Dog in the first half of the season, think again. Comic writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman spoke recently in a new interview with “Access Hollywood” about the season, and one thing he suggested straight out of the gate was that there are going to be some more surprises coming up very soon:

“That’s going to be a huge moment coming up in our second half. It’s happening probably sooner rather than later… and it really is the crux in this last half of the season that sets everything in motion … I think seeing those two face to face is going to be a pretty big moment for our audience.”

In addition to that, Kirkman also opened up about one of the new characters gracing the show in Tyreese, who is set to have a pretty substantial impact after first showing up near the end of the season’s first half:

“We’ve seen a lot of characters – The Governor and even Rick to a certain extent — are losing their humanity in this world and Tyreese is a character who has somehow been able to maintain that … He’s a good natured, good at heart guy, who is really not gonna fit in well in this world, so we’re gonna have a lot of fun exploring that.”

What do you want to see through the second half of this season? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below, and you can also click here if you want to see what Steven Yuen has to say on the future for Glenn.

Photo: AMC

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