‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Is Spencer about to become unhinged?

Pretty Little LiarsIf you have been a dedicated viewer of “Pretty Little Liars” over the course of the past several weeks, you knew that this was coming eventually; and now, it’s finally here. During Tuesday night’s all-new episode of the ABC Family hit, Spencer Hastings is going to completely lose her cool over some of the nasty stunts that Mona has been playing on her over the past few weeks.

The buildup to this moment has been palpable, as we have seen Mona slowly and surely get under Spencer’s skin by first taking away the position of Debate Captain from her, and then choosing to continually remind her about it courtesy of various “instructions” as to how to best prepare for some upcoming events. Sooner or later, you had to expect this to end with a stunning twist … and it will, as the intellectual one of the Liars is about to turn physical with a woman who has tried to ruin her life time and time again.

As for Toby, don’t think that he is going to be left out of this, either. As more and more information starts to come out about how twisted Spencer’s one-time love truly is, she will in turn become increasingly emotional. The end of this story is going to be a tear-jerker for sure; but for the time being, would it really kill the show to just give us a few moments of Spencer and Toby back in the same room so we can start to really figure out what makes this guy tick?

Do you want this to be the episode that features Spencer finally admitting the truth to the other Liars? If you want to see some more news on season 3, be sure to just head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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