Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Eviction vote debates! (day 13)

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli Big BrotherSure, we’re days away from the next Big Brother 24 episode taking place, but why not go insane with the paranoia and vote-counting already? This could be an entertaining few days when it comes to watching people scramble. (Remember, the Veto Ceremony was earlier and Michael did not use it, meaning that both Pooch and Taylor remain on the block.)

Of course, the main event here could be what happens if Pooch finds out that he’s actually not as safe as he thinks. He thinks that he’s still okay at the time of this writing, and there are a couple of guys like Turner and Monte who are still relatively in the dark. Kyle’s started to realize other stuff going on and he’s far from alone in that. Monte is even speculating about a flip at the moment we’re writing this.

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Because some guys are in the dark, though, it poses a dilemma. So you want the guys to know how many people are in on this plan? If all five women vote to evict Pooch, they need one more for Jasmine to break the tie and get him out. That means one of the guys has to join in. For some reason, a lot of guys think that there are 13 people voting … which there isn’t. Daniel wants Michael or Terrance to get on board, that way he can still vote to evict Taylor and cover his butt for the future. However, he’s also told Nicole and others that he’ll vote to get out Pooch if it’s close — nobody wants to run the risk of him staying because of people getting too nervous to show their hand.

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Pooch is almost certainly going; what we’re seeing here can be best described as people with way too much time on their hands trying to ensure they don’t look bad.

If you missed it…

We could be waiting even longer than usual for the next eviction, as CBS has delayed Thursday’s episode in advance to Friday.

What do you think will actually happen with the vote?

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