The Bachelorette episode 2 spoilers: Really, a swimsuit pageant?

The BacheloretteCome tomorrow night we’re going to see The Bachelorette episode 2 on ABC, and some parts of it are worth some excitement. However, there are also at least a few reasons to be a little bit frustrated … and a certain swimsuit pageant comes to mind.

The photo above is a very safe version of what could actually be unfolding here.

Now, we know what defenders of this date will come out to say: Everyone who does it participates willingly, and The Bachelor often makes the women take part in such ridiculous dates, as well. (Remember the Baywatch one?) Sure, they’re equal opportunity in objectifying people!

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Obviously, contestants know at this point what they’re signing up for when they go on these sort of shows, and really the larger issue is production for deciding that we continue to need these charades — or, that we need to see the same sort of guys and women every single time taking part. We’ve always felt that the appeal of reality shows is to actually get a sense of … well, reality. It is more interesting to see people who we’d run into sometimes in the real world. Dates like this remind us that the show would be better and more interesting if contestants were a much broader mix of people beyond just guys and women who look great in bathing suits. Also, the group dates that are way more fun are the ones that don’t require people to either strip down or compete in some sort of physical sport.

We just can’t say there’s that much different or enticing about a swimsuit pageant in 2022; there won’t be many opportunities to learn new things about the guys, and it’s just a rinse-of-and-repeat of everything we’ve seen this show do in decades. Ratings have slowly declined for the show over the past few years, and we do think one of the problems is that it’s becoming increasingly hard to connect to either the contestants or the show.

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Do you think it is 100% time for The Bachelorette to move on past dates like this?

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