NCIS season 20: The most exciting news so far

NCISIt goes without saying that we will be waiting for a while to see NCIS season 20. After all, filming just recently kicked off! We’re at least happy to be in a spot now where we know the show is actively being worked on, and fingers crossed that this leads to a few more reveals down the road.

So far, most of the teases that we’ve gotten have been minimal — take, for example, a video featuring the cast and crew on set. Yet, there is one thing that does stand out, and it makes us a little bit more psyched to see where things could be going from here.

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What we’re talking about here is a mention in the recent aforementioned cast video that we’re going to see a season like no other, and that means the writers doing things that they have never done before. What in the world does that mean?

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From our vantage point, we wouldn’t be shocked if there are a few more long-term stories, undercover missions, or at least major events that get the team out of the office. NCIS has as consistent a formula as any show on television, and there are some good things about that. Yet, we also think that the viewership is loyal enough these days that they can take more chances and weather these storms. Remember, there were fears that the series would lose most of its audience without having Mark Harmon around full-time. While there were some people who seemingly left (at least in terms of watching live), the numbers are still great! That may be giving them a little more leeway to play around.

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Is there any one thing you are most excited to see on NCIS season 20 when it airs on September 19?

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