Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 8 spoilers: Pope’s revelation

Animal KingdomAs we prepare ourselves for Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 8 on TNT next week, things are going to be different. That is especially the case for one Andrew “Pope” Cody.

So what in the world is going on here? Well, a lot of that is tied to the fact that he’s starting to realize that nothing in his current life is exactly as it seems. Maybe he’s got some suspicions about Taylor’s “mother,” who was hounding him for most of the episode (and secretly looking for evidence). Or, more likely, it’s the cereal box at the end of episode 7. No matter, things are about to get super-crazy on the show moving forward and we better be prepared for all sorts of twists and turns.

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Want some more insight? Then go ahead and view the full Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 8 synopsis below:

Deran and J consider a small job; Pope senses something is off; Andrew finds out about Julia.

Out of the stories that are mentioned in here, it’s honestly hard to be super-invested in some of this other than what’s going on with Pope. Deran and J doing a small job, in theory, shouldn’t be that much of an issue for them given their experience. Could it prove to be a lot more dangerous after the fact? Sure, but that’s not something that we can’t fully predict at the moment.

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What we can say here is that we’re now past the halfway point in the final season, as hard as that is to accept. We imagine that things will be a little more intense the rest of the way, and we’re going to see Pope have to contend with what happened to Catherine — even though we know that his demons were largely a creation of his mother Smurf.

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