Criminal Minds season 16: Paget Brewster speaks out on revival

Criminal Minds, PrentissWe’re now a few days removed from the news that a Criminal Minds season 16 is happening — and of course, we’re still thrilled! How can we not be? This is an iconic show that now has another chance to deliver some great content and for us personally, we think that it will very much be worth the wait.

So when will you get to see season 16? Odds are, you’re going to be waiting for at least a good time — filming hasn’t even started as of yet. Yet, it is clear that the cast and crew are just as excited to be back as we are to see them back.

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This week Paget Brewster (who of course plays Emily Prentiss) made an appearance on KTLA to discuss her role in Adult Swim’s Birdgirl, and along the way also spoke about the process of the show coming back:

“We are all really, really thrilled because we’ve been talking about it for almost two years … So, it’s really exciting that everything’s finally come together and we’re going to start shooting soon.”

Brewster also made it clear that everyone has done a good job staying in touch over the years:

“We have stayed in touch, we’ve been in touch, we’re all on a giant text chain. We did become a family and we still are and that’s why it was so exciting when the idea was floated that maybe we could come back again and do more episodes for Paramount+ … We’ve been chomping at the bit to do it, so it’s just thrilling that we all get to be in each other’s presence again.”

In general, it appears as though the majority of the Criminal Minds cast from season 15 will be back before the revival, with the only exceptions being Matthew Gray Gubler (who has elected to move on) and Daniel Henney (who has another gig in The Wheel of Time).

You can watch Paget’s full interview below, and we’re hoping for more great stuff soon from the Criminal Minds world!

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