Magnum PI season 5: Will NBC be flexible with episode count?

Magnum PIOne of the things that we know entering Magnum PI season 5 as of now is rather simple: NBC is planning to do ten episodes. Will it stay that way forever? That remains to be seen.

Before we do anything in here that constitutes giving false hope, we want to start off by noting this: We’re not expecting the episode count to change. We’ve written in the past that it’s more likely for season 6 to get more episodes than season 5. Why? NBC won’t know what the ratings are for season 5, most likely, until after it’s either done filming or close to it.

Yet, there is still a path where season 5 could have another episode or two added to its order, and it comes down to one thing: Network needs. What NBC is going to do over the next several months is map out the rest of their calendar for the 2022-23 season. Think here in terms of where shows fit and how many repeats or hiatuses they will have. In doing this, they may realize that they have another week or two they could fill with an episode of a Magnum PI or another show. Depending on how some new shows perform this fall, this is something that could be considered even further.

While it is unlikely we’ll get more than ten season 5 episodes, we have seen multiple shows get additional episodes after their original order was announced. Sometimes, it happens even in the midst of production as a network realizes that they need something more than what was once planned. If something like that happens with Magnum PI, additional episodes would likely be standalones that doesn’t tie into anything else. That way, it could be plugged into the season wherever even if they are filmed out of order. Bones and Lucifer are two shows that have done something similar to this — heck, even Ted Lasso had it happen back in season 2.

Rather than think too much further about bonus episodes, though, let’s just rejoice for now that season 5 is happening at all! At the moment, it seems as though production is starting in September.

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