Magnum PI season 5 premiere date: Why NBC will take their time

Magnum PIWe all know it would be wonderful if NBC chose to give us a Magnum PI season 5 premiere date at some point soon. Unfortunately, it’s also clear that this isn’t going to happen, and for a number of different reasons.

What’s the biggest one? It all comes down to one word: Flexibility. The network already had their fall schedule set at the time they revived the Jay Hernandez series after the CBS cancellation, so they knew from the start that they weren’t about to lock it in to some singular timeslot. Instead, the idea was that they would leave the door open for it to air at a number of different times, and for it to be the perfect midseason replacement show that can come on and boost their schedule.

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It benefits NBC greatly to wait until the fall, if not later, in order to announce a date. First and foremost, they’ll want to see how their schedule fares, especially since you’ve got a new show (albeit a reboot) in Quantum Leap airing on Monday nights. Its success will be important in setting the stage for the rest of the season. The same goes for the comedy lineup that is being introduced on Friday nights. If Magnum PI takes one of those timeslots over in the new year, they will wait and see what feels like the right fit.

There are other timeslots that they’re going to consider in here, as well — take Tuesdays after the conclusion of New Amsterdam, or even Sundays on the other side of the Super Bowl. They’ll want the show to succeed (they went through a lot to revive it), and because of this the last thing they want to do is start confusing people as to when it will be back. They won’t, most likely, announce a date only to change it later due to other variables that come up at the network. Instead, they’ll just analyze their data this fall and figure out where they can slot the ten episodes in that makes sense and gives it a chance to succeed. They also don’t want to announce a premiere date too early in the event more casual viewers forget about it.

We’re going to need patience for a long time here, but at least we know that come a couple of months, production will be underway and we’ll potentially get some teasers here and there. That should very much help with the long wait, no?

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