Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 4: Who did Lucy see?

Only Murders in the Building season 2This week’s Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 4 raised a handful of new questions, and one centered around a character we did not expect.

After making her off-screen debut in text form near the end of season 1, Charles’ former stepdaughter Lucy made an appearance in the flesh in this episode and as it turns out, knows a bit more about the mystery of Bunny’s death than anyone would expect. She went into the building to see him that night, though he was totally unaware of that. She also went inside his place and at one point, crawled within the catacombs of the building.

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What did she find in her old hiding spot? Well, it turns out someone else was in there, and it may have been Bunny’s killer! They were wearing a mask but there were still some clues that were fairly evident. They had the build of a man and a fairly-deep voice, and since they didn’t 100% know Lucy was there, that wouldn’t have been some sort of fake-out. This does explain perhaps how they got away after the murder, plus how they have been framing Charles, Oliver, and Mabel for the crime.

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Why them? That’s another mystery, along with what they stand to gain. One person we can seemingly cut off the suspect list now is Nina, who seemed to genuinely care about Bunny despite her desire to completely revolutionize the Arconia, perhaps to her own financial gain. Some things apparently matter a little more than that…

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