‘Shark Tank’ preview: CitiKitty creator returns with HoodiePillow

Shark TankWhile we do not have a preview video to share tragically this week for Friday night’s new “Shark Tank” episode, we can at least give you a taste at one of the products that will be shown off in front of Kevin O’Leary and company … and it is one with a rather large connection to the show’s past.

Remember CitiKitty? While its name almost begs you to pronounce it incorrectly, the cat toilet-training product became a hit and is still today one of the most-useful products to ever come on the show. In following it up now, Rebecca Rescate has co-founded a new product that will be on the show Friday, though it is something that really has nothing to do at all with cats learning where to do their business.

HoodiePillowThe product this time is HoodiePillow, which is an interesting concept in that it provides a useful way in which people who want to combine the comforts of wearing a hoodie and lying on a pillow into one product. We see this as being most useful for someone who works the night shift, and wants an easy way to fall asleep during the day without the sun (or any light, for that matter) getting into their eyes. There is also a slot so that you can place your iPod if you want to listen to music in bed, but we see this as being somewhat problematic if you toss and turn a lot in your bed.

Ultimately, we don’t see this as being anywhere near the slam dunk of a product that CitiKitty was, mostly because we just don’t see that great of a demand out there for it. Does it help to solve the problem of day sleepers trying to find a bit of relief? Sure, but so do plenty of other products. Ultimately, much of the success here will probably depend on their margins, what they are asking for from the sharks, and what their total sales are for the past year or so.

What do you think about the idea behind this product? If you want to see some other highlights from this season, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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