Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Did Taylor even lie? (Day 5)

Taylor Hale Big BrotherWe’re nearing the midday point of day 5 within the Big Brother 24 house (we post new updates multiple times a day, for those wondering), and this one is already getting pretty frustrating.

What’s going on here? Well, you’ve got some serious season 19 / season 21 vibes where someone is finding themselves on the outs for really no fault of their own, and then becoming a victim to misrepresentation and/or groupthink running out of control. Taylor is the clear victim of it this time.

From the start, she has been seen as a target by some of the women (especially Alyssa and Paloma) due to this perception that a beauty queen makes her more of a threat — that and she won’t just fall in line with them. There was an all-women alliance, but Taylor and Nicole were excluded from it.

Then, there’s the situation with “the lie” that started overnight and is still carrying on now. Basically, it started with a game of “telephone.” Paloma talked to Nicole, and told her that Taylor went up to Monte and said that Paloma is targeting big, threatening guys … like Monte. If there’s more to this story with what Taylor supposedly said/not said, it’s not all on the feeds. For now, it seems like a whole mess of drama is starting from something that is either A) nothing or B) close to it.

Regardless, Paloma has used this to justify trying to ostracize Taylor further and creating more of a hostile environment (and calling her a liar); Taylor has seemingly overheard some talk that she may be in danger, which led to her crying alone. Since for some reason a lot of people are just willing to go with what Paloma wants right now, Taylor is probably the replacement nominee after Michael uses the Veto on himself tomorrow. There’s still time for it to change, but a lot of people seem to be excusing Paloma’s actions due to her age. (Newsflash: She’s a grown adult.)

The craziest thing to remember in the midst of everything (at least for now) there’s a legitimate chance that both Terrance and Taylor are safe. Remember that there’s some sort of twist coming during the first eviction night that could change everything. While nothing is confirmed as of yet, we wouldn’t be shocked if one of the three Backstage people ends up on the block. We already know one of them will be saved by America — we’re assuming it will be Brittany, mostly because of who people seem to like online.


We’ve seen already today that Daniel is trying to come up with some system for chores in the house, and that will probably be a colossal failure. It sounds like there’s going to be a swimsuit photoshoot later, which we have seen in the past.

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