Magnum PI season 5: Will we get more Higgins backstory?

Magnum PIThere is so much story potential when it comes to Magnum PI season 5, and yes that is a tremendous thing to say so many years in.

On the subject of backstory, we do think there’s a pretty good chance that we will get something more when it comes to Thomas Magnum. Why? We’ve gotten that every single season so far, so there is very little reason to think that will change now. We really appreciate the time and effort the writers have put in to exploring his military service and the friendship with TC and Rick.

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As for one Juliet Higgins, it’s true that we’ve learned a little bit about her time in MI6 — yet, there is still so much more to mine! She’s such an interesting character in that she now lives on the completely other side of the world and yet, her occupational history causes parts of her past to emerge at just about any given point. There are cases she worked on that we could see come back at any moment, and it would be fun to see some of those play out.

Or, wouldn’t it be fascinating to see some of her mentors? We’re always down for a good origin story, and learning more about Higgins became who she is feels like the sort of arc that has outstanding potential. It could also lead to some great guest casting, and over the years we’ve seen a lot of great people find their way into this world.

Because we are so far into the show’s run at this point, we’re in this position where we know the characters rather well; yet, there are still opportunities to explore what makes them tick. Magnum PI was saved from cancellation and has a new home at NBC. Given that it’s conquered so much adversity already, why not swing for the fences and tell some bold, surprising stories? Having Higgins / Perdita Weeks at the center of one could be all sorts of fun.

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Do you think that we’re going to see some great Higgins backstory entering Magnum PI season 5?

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