‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Are Sarah Herron, Lindsay Yenter possibilities?

SarahEvery week with “The Bachelor,” we do a series of rankings in order to help determine just who is the most likely out of the current contestants to end up receiving the final rose. So now that we have made it so deep into the season, we’re going to be doing something a little bit different in trying to determine just which contestants are actually the top candidates to be the star of a future season of the show.

We are basing our rankings here not necessarily on who is eliminated from the show, so don’t assume that a person on this list means that Sean Lowe eliminates them at any point. Instead, we’re basing it on who out of the contestants this season, has the most positive edit, who is the most entertaining, and whose search for love seems to be completely and totally genuine. For the time being, we’re only going to keep the list at three.

3. Desiree Hartsock – It’s been several years since “The Bachelorette” has been someone with dark hair, so on the basis of changing things up along this could be a good fit. Also, Desiree reminds us quite a bit of Ashley Hebert when it comes to her status as an early favorite, but someone who has also struggled at times with insecurity. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and this always bodes well.

2. Lindsay Yenter – While we’re sure that producers would not want a potentially-drunken mess like they saw with Lindsay the first night, there’s no question that she would be a ton of fun. She’s got a great sense of humor, is totally honest about life, and would be a nice change-up after a season with Emily Maynard that had many men walking on eggshells.

1. Sarah Herron – While both us and Sarah would agree in that we do not want to see the producers talk constantly make an issue out of her arm, she seems someone hoping to find a husband more than anyone else. Plus, her exit was so heartbreaking that it feels as though we will remember it even more than some of the eliminations that are coming up.

Who’s your current favorite to be “The Bachelorette”? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and we’ll have a new version of these contestant rankings a little later in the season.

Meanwhile, you can check out some unaired footage from “The Bachelor” this season over here.

Photo: ABC


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