The Boys season 4 spoilers: Is Billy Butcher going to die?

The BoysAs we try to prepare ourselves in advance for The Boys season 4 whenever it premieres, we know that there are a lot of things to prepare for. One of the biggest is, of course, the future of Billy Butcher, Homelander, and Ryan.

What’s going to happen with Ryan? Judging from the way he’s spending time with Homelander, there should be a legitimate fear that the kid ends up being a carbon copy of Antony Starr’s character. However, there’s another concern here in that Butcher may only have months to live. Consider this a consequence of him taking as much temporary Compound V as he did throughout the season. He may have got Hughie off of it in time, but there may not be a way for him to save himself.

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Judging from a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, it certainly seems like Ryan’s future and concerns over Butcher will be big themes of what lies ahead. Here is some of what boss Eric Kripke had to say on the subject:

“I think one of the concerns of season 4 will really be this tug of war over Ryan, as both men really try to get a grip on him … So I think, if anything, we’re just hinting at the danger of what would happen if Butcher loses that fight.”

We do think that Ryan will still have some of the goodness that Becca brought to the world, and that could end up being one of the things that really saves him. Or, at the very least, this is what we’re hoping for. Butcher’s going to fight for him as well, but will some other members of The Boys step up to the plate if he is too sick to do anything? It’s another big question…

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Do you think Billy Butcher could die at some point during The Boys season 4?

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