Loot season 1 episode 6 spoilers: Molly gets an award!

LootAs you prepare for Loot season 1 episode 6 on Apple TV+ next week, you 100% should expect a lot of comedy. After all, there’s a pretty satirical storyline we’re going to get coming up.

The title for this episode is “The Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards.” That should give you a hint of it already. Did we really need both of those words in there? No. Loot is not a show out to skewer the practice of giving; on the contrary! What it is out to spoof is some of the self-congratulating that can go on with it and the culture that surrounds having an impossible large amount of money. An expensive, lavish ceremony to recognize charity could be a great example of that.

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Also, there’s naturally going to be a lot of humor that comes from getting a whole team at a ceremony like this, one where you can be sure that nothing is going to go according to plan.

To get a few more details right now on what the future could hold here, we suggest that you go ahead and check out the full Loot season 1 episode 6 synopsis below:

The Wells Foundation team attends a ceremony where Molly is receiving an award for her charity work.

By the end of this episode, we’re sure that we’ll be set up for some other ridiculousness. We’d also love it if we get some more news when it comes to the long-term future here before too long. This feels like a show that could go on for at least a few more years; also, shouldn’t you want as much of Maya Rudolph on-screen as humanly possible? It’s not very often you get a show with both a great talent and a tremendous cast around them.

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