Is Nathan Mitchell leaving The Boys, role of Black Noir after finale?

Black NoirIs Nathan Mitchell leaving The Boysand is his character of Black Noir really gone for good after the season 3 finale?

It goes without saying judging from the title alone, but there are spoilers from the episode within — heck, there are also spoilers at the same time from the comics. Know all of that before we get too much deeper into anything here.

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Still with us? Well, we should note that on paper, Noir seems to be 100% dead. You don’t recover from Homelander gutting you out easily, even if you are a superhero. Antony Starr’s character felt betrayed that his fellow member of the Seven never told him the truth about Soldier Boy being his father; yes, we recognize that Black Noir doesn’t speak, but there are plenty of other ways he could’ve gotten the message across.

Now, in The Boys comics, Noir actually has an enormous role in the demise of Homelander; this is certainly not how his story ends. We know that this version of Noir is VERY different from the comic-book iteration, but we are curious to see if there is a way Vought could revive him or, at the very least, create a slightly different version of him. Because Noir never shows his face, we do imagine that they’d come up with a different masked man to parade around.

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As for whether or not this would be the same one played by Mitchell, that’s where things get confusing. Irving is seemingly dead, but Black Noir could live on. If this is the end for Nathan on the show, we’ll miss him. This is an incredibly tough role to play, but it’s a reminder that good actors can do a lot without ever saying anything. Noir’s story the past two weeks was beautiful, and that is what made his death heartbreaking … even if he’s far from the nicest character in the world. (Nothing has been confirmed on Mitchell’s future yet.)

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Are you going to miss Black Noir on The Boys, and do you think Nathan Mitchell is leaving the show?

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