Is Jensen Ackles leaving The Boys, Soldier Boy after season 3 finale?

The Boys Solider BoyIs Jensen Ackles leaving The Boys following the events of the season 3 finale? Are we saying goodbye to Soldier Boy for good?

Let’s just start by saying this: Entering this episode, we absolutely knew that the show was going to shock us in a number of different ways. Even still, we had no idea we were going to get exactly what we did from start to finish here.

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We don’t think there’s any point dancing around an answer here: Jensen is almost certainly leaving The Boys, at least for the time being. While Soldier Boy survived that violent showdown that nearly killed Queen Maeve at the end of the episode, he was put back into status. The very thing that Butcher wanted him for was not achievable, and the rest of damage was also far too high.

From the start, we always had the impression that this was a one-season job for the Supernatural star, so we can’t say that our jaw is necessarily on the floor that we are saying goodbye to him now. Jensen already has another series-regular gig booked over on ABC’s Big Sky, and that is going to occupy a significant amount of his time over the course of the next several months.

Beyond that, though, who knows? Because Eric Kripke and the writers did keep him around, it certainly feels like there’s a chance they could revisit him down the road. Soldier Boy absolutely caused a lot of wreckage in his time around the show, and that includes letting Homelander know the truth about his past — a truth that could end up changing that character to some degree moving into season 4.

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